Herejía was born in Bogotá as a musical proposal in 1990. Its sound incorporates European death metal lines up to symphonic harmonies,
turning them into their authentic, enveloping and historical stamp. They are considered as pioneers of the Colombian metal movement, framed by sister bands like Neurosis, La Pestilencia or Darkness.

Parallel, bands such as Infected, Bastard, Minority H.C, forged that
environment or Bogota metal circuit, where Herejía has an important role like a unique reference, for its
guttural technique.

At present, the band injects a musical identity with symphonic
arrangements, atmospheric and vehement elements, in synchrony
with that forceful and characteristic sound of that metal of yesteryear.

The songs of Herejía, travel in milestones or fulminating moments of
the universal history. They gather a cluster of thoughts derived from the social impact; an impact generated by those patterns established by humanity as ideal models of coexistence or evolution.

This heritage has been reflected in two recordings, more than 10
compilations or sonographic participations, hundreds of concerts
in Colombia and a symphonic format that reflects the adaptability of its proposal. They have shared the stage with international bands such as Destruction (Germany), Vital Remains (United States) or Deicide (United States). They have also participated in various festivals such as Rock Al Parque, Festival de las Montañas o Pupiales Cuna del Rock.

Recently Herejía ‘Best Metal Artist 2019′ at the subterránica Awards.

Line Up

Frederick Tway: (Growl Vocals)

Ricardo Chica: (Guitar, Composer, Dark Influence)

Andrés Triana: (Cello, Piano & Orchestration)

Orlando Parra: (Guitar, Composer)

Kmv Bautista: (Drums)

Jhon Porras: (Bass)